Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Eye mirror

I look up from here,
The railings have a rusty smell,
A dew- reminiscent drop kisses on my cheek.
Many follow...
It soaks my skin.
It soaks my being.
I wait. I still wait.
The pain reeks within.
My eyes well to mix with the dotted heart drops.
Oh, she is in pain.

The clouds gush down.

Trickle... Trickle...

The water splashes me away.
I am stuck above the railing...
I love the smell.
I loathe this wait
My mirror image stares at me.
She ripples with the rain.
Oh I can see her mock at me.

I know he will never come.
I wait. I still wait.

While my soul and reflection, they both give up on me!


Pearl said...

wow!that was pretty cool..words have blended so beautiful to express the emotion..nvr give up..watever happens...waiting is hard..but in the end the wait will b of worth..

survivingbrain said...

Something in this reminded me of something.. well, thats when i use Whiskey :D