Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Till death do us apart

There are instances when we scream and cry over something and still think there is more to this than to cry about. You wipe your tears and you try to smile. And without any effort that blooms into the most curve-angled smile.

Yeah, she forgot to remember to forget. Because she is the world before she is a woman.There is an air stream of emotion deep within her which she hates and loves at the same time. I must say hate or love is an understatement. She glanced deep within her. She felt unaccompanied. Detached. And above all, lost! In her attempt to evade, she thought to herself. "My heart bursts into thousands of crystal-like hale stones today. It is beautiful cause one crystals radiance overshadows the other. Will there be someone who hopes that the sun will never shine so that these won’t melt away?"

5 comments: said...

hey interesting blog :)

Tinker Belle said...

The romantic strikes again! :D :D

I love the thought at the end. Very beautifully put.

neermathalam said...

smiles back :)

Amarnath Pallath said...

You were introduced by your brother and I see a great blog here with intersting features - Good feeling.

I started my own after I saw yours - you were the fuel that fumed for my creativity - thanks.


shwetha said...

written beautifully.....cant wait for the rest of the book