Monday, September 29, 2008

Midnight Serenade

Dark tones of the night brood in obedience,
Staccato caresses smote the moment’s memory,
Impeccable clarity of touch.
And I wish that you fly wistfully into my dreams.

Can we pretend now?
For a brief moment or two.
That we are madly in love!
With a dream of you.

I close my eyes!

Sweet anticipation lingers within the wall of glasses,
Tip tap on the window panes,
Raindrops splashes,
We listen together,
All cozy,
Arms entwined,
Fire blazing in the grate,
Flames dancing in the shadow,
Your loving gaze into my eyes,
Electricity fading from you to me.
Feelings intensifying,
In a duet of love,
Just like our lips meeting together.


The sparkling light startles me,
My awaken senses ask me in pity,
“Would a night be long enough?
For this thing called love!”

Still can we pretend for a moment?
Let me!
For a moment pretend that you’re mine.


Anonymous said...

So romantically romantic, it brought tears to my eyes.....

Wow...... someone has a nag of makin me go on my knees..... :(

Lolo said...


neethu said...

its brilliant deepti! love it! lucky is the person whom it was written for! wish it was me :P
would kill to have someone who loves as much as you!
u make me wanna fall in love, or love the concept of love!

What am i? said...
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What am i? said...

what will u like, my lady? :)

Anonymous said...

Well.... such thoughts for me.... thanks and the lion is impressed.....

What am i? said...

:) thoughts for u.. i never knew??pssssssssstttttttttttttt.......