Thursday, September 11, 2008

Human murals on the wall.

Human murals wedged on the wall,

The castle is being built!

Put your hands down!

Thumbs up,

Don’t curve your fingers.

Cause the pain just gets worse.

If you kick yourself out of here,

There is still the boundary railing!

He tousled his mane,


And there was a shriek which sounded like it was struck between a growl and a snarl.

He walks past the aluminum metal railing,

festooned with people,

Clinging on to it.

His castle is being erected there,

He has a home at last.

Out of flesh and blood.

Out of hate and pain!

Out of lust and crave,

He erects a castle, out of life!

Desolation studded eyes,

Stare at him!

Echoes of soreness,

Feelings trapped in cement embedment,

Do they add more beauty to the castle?

The cries sounded like music!

He wished man would rot making sex to the railing,

Eat the one next to them when hunger-craved,

While he hunt down for more of them,

But the moment seemed more like absurd transcendental mundanity,

He needed more!

More of them to adorn the silver painted ceiling,

A few for the table rods,

The luscious lady’s red juice for the wine cellars pride,

More. More and more!

The most earnest of his desires,

To build his castle,

Outside, the wind which enters through the cracked window is tentative.

But then he does not bother,

cause he knew the rotten piece of oxygen breathing murals on the wall would breath out,

If he felt hot!

And so would they quench his thirst

and from their wild choir he would trap all his desires,

and knot it likely.

Knot the evil, to life!

He conquers all!

Beware! City of sheltered flesh shreds,

You could just be a mural on his wall,

A mural out of life, with cold blood and blue veins ornamenting his castle.

Only the metal railings are done,

He is coming for more!


Anonymous said...
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What am i? said...

well i seriously dint understand wat u meant by that..!! ab tho comment mein disconnect hain kya meri dimaag mein?

Lolo said...


but i love the imagination. and the fact that the sadism comes across so easily. you are damn good dheep!!