Monday, December 17, 2007

She’s the moon ghost!

The dark evenings brightened up,
and the sun’s lady love just pretended to sleep.
Cause today is very different from any other day,
said the stars in fear.
They hid their light behind the mountains,
Cause the pain comes in tones.
She would kindle their spirits,
with the sharp lash of her tongue.
She would breathe in the air,
and the river would forget to move.
She would open her eyes,
and we would shiver and fall,
realising we were never more wise!

The stars cried.

Cause its,

The moon ghost!

The stars spread a tale,
a tale darker than the clouds wail.

The stars say,

“It’s the moon ghost!
She gives birth to a hundred lots every night,
be it my replica for the day,
or the tree which spots my light in the way.
It can be wolf which forgets to howl,
or a sheep which is just too old.
It can be a honey bee, who could be a queen,
or a tender bird which flies over the green terrain!

But all trace down to earth,
with more worth.
Cause they shine.
They blind.
They are the children of the moon ghost!”

The stars hid behind the clouds.
They wanted to see her pride.
Then the wind just booed the cloud,
and there she was,

A shining beauty on earth.
A haunting aura so bright.

The clouds and the mountains bowed,
the river rose to praise.
The trees shed their green,
and the world waved feeling the delight.

And there she was,

the moon ghost!

She shed her silver robe,
and it floored on the river,
and the river drank into him,
the spirit of the gown!


Oh! The water bubbled,
the stars cried,
cause no sight more beautiful than birth,

And there they were!

The sons of the moon ghost!

All silver and white,
they shook their head in pride,
and the dew fell out of their mane.

They bowed their head,
and there was a rainbow,
unknown to be born on the nights,

The tiny star whispered,
“That’s the stair way to earth!”

And there she strode down,
like a lady in white gown,
and she climbed on to her son’s back.

He shook his mane,
and they strode away,

Then the stars whispered again,

“That’s her ride to Wonderland,
She leaves her children there safe,
and would be back to give birth,

Cause the river is her Lord!”

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