Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shadows on the wall

I stay wide awake,
there are blinking lights in the dark.
I blink my eyes more.
Leaves me wondering whether the pace matches.
There is a bee's animated dance in my mind.
I thrash it into pulp to shut the hum in my ears.
Blood crawls out through my ears.
I wonder why?
I touch on my ears.
I can feel the sloshy liquid on my fingers,
But cannot see the wild red.

Blinking lights in the dark.
My eyes shutter repeatedly.
up and down.
Up and down.

I fix my sight into the air,
my eyes roll around.
Blank goes my thin memory

I can see shadows on the wall.
They are ghosts of my past.
They trail into my memory chip,
I magically try to block them away.

Sweat beads tremble on my forehead!
While i hear someone scream,
"Mad mind"!


Tinker Belle said...

Good to have you back! :)

Nice play of words.

Pearl said...

Weird thoughts...but all do have these...beautifully penned!

Anonymous said...


G o v i n d said...

wonderfully penned !
:) impressed !

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strat said...

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