Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tell me!

Today seems like life in a faraway land. There are unicorns, fairy-winged beetles, flowers and their never-die smell, a forest which never ends, and adventure craving monkey men in it. Well as a matter of fact, I am not sure which exists and which does not. But there is color, fragrance, air, light and the bright energy of emotions the mind reflects. I am locked in thoughts. I know there is love. I know there is pain. I know there is loss. But, I still stare at the world. The sun shines ever-dashingly bright. Blinds my view. But still I look ahead in pride, drenched in your love. Why do you love me? I don’t have a bouquet of flowers from the last spring. I don’t intend to sit with you by the beach to stare at the thin line of horizon. I don’t have money-minting gifts which could bring a smile on your face. All I have is the thickness of the moment!

1 comment:

survivingbrain said...

Moments DEFINE.
sadly, it will pass by too.

good one :)