Wednesday, May 6, 2009

will you ever forget me..little by little?


Will you ever forget me?
if you do...
I want you to know one thing.
there is a way that i would want to love you with
dripping in passion
closing my eyes against ur flaws
my mind holding sails
Setting towards that island where you wait for me always
feeling destined to cherish your implacable sweetness
and my love feeds on yours
believing that i could live in your arms not leaving mine!

Will you ever forget me?
if you do..
I want you to see one thing.
there is more than a heart that cares for you
a mind that scales through to you
with thoughts that touch only you
My life seems like looking at the crystal moon now
And i know that my senses will never let me forget
a smell or an image would transport me back
to a time of you and me.
Now i stare at your words when they set off to you;
But even then i see more of yours, than mine!

Will you ever forget me?
if you do.
little by little..
i will also forget you little by little.
If you ever love me less
little by little..
I will also love you less.. little by little.
Though i believe in this
when i stare at my palms
i can see my destiny poke
I dream of a day
that i see u in my dreams
and stay awake helpless not able to get back to you.

Will you ever forget me
and love me less
little by little?


Tinker Belle said...

Q. Who's a lucky dog?

A. Runie!!!

:D :D

Kunjootty said...

hey.. i didnt expect the last bit to be like tit-for-tat if u forget me i'll also forget you.... u had got me into the i'll never forget you mood!!

What am i? said...

Stay there and dont forget me and my blog ..:P