Friday, May 22, 2009

Faux plan!

sword fight..kitten fight..sword fight..kitten fight..sword fight...kitten fight...

Eyes shut tight, he was rolling on the bed chanting his Summer sheep count version.

"sleep, sleep.. no no no i am not going to sms her anymore. Out..out...OUTTTT!!"

" Neeraan..what happened? did u have a bad dream or something? Why are you screaming?" Lata sprung from the door to the bed like "a stone's throw away" is more than a phrase.

"Amma, nomm..nothing.. was trying to sleep. Am tensed about the heckin' economics paper, thats it! Can u get back to bed.. I dint screaaaam veeaam.. Can you go get some sleep please?"

Lata frowned. Then walked out of the room.

Neeran stared at the ceiling until the annoying sound of Lata's padded slipper was nowhere heard. He got out of the bed. All irritated. He lifted his pillow. Took his cell phone in his hand. There was a yellow canary performing its chick-chickery dance on his Sony's window. He cursed himself for having set the theme.

SMS's. No sms's. Gosh.. not even one from her!

Its over! I know its over. She does not like me anymore. It has been five days. No, i will not sms or call her.

He took the phone. Made a quick search in 'D'. Delete and there she goes.

He threw the phone on the bed and stood in front of the mirror. He smirked and told.

"O my fairy godmother i dont need u in my life anymore. I made this mistake of telling you that i loved you. That does not mean that just cause you slipped me out of your life. I would be bothered. I can be without you. I dint call u all these days. You dint have the courtesy to reply to my messages on all these 5 days. You are cheap. Then why should i call you. From today am not going to send u an sms. Out.. you are out of my life"

He smiled generously. There was a mixture of pride and joy in his expression. He dint want to have one more look at the mirror to analyse whether there were other hidden emotions too. He rolled his way into the kitchen in a half-sleepy-oh-am-so-irritated-i-cant-sleep mode. Opened the fridge. Tucked into his hand a big drum of yummy scrummy mint-choc-chip ice cream.

With his shoulders drooping, he found his way to the old sofa. His grandmother was the only one who sat on that. He felt older than her.

Frames, one after the other. He stared at the tv. There were thoughts which were fibbing in his own mind.

"Deep..Beep..bloody hell! what have you done to me? God, i hate her. Why cant she just love me?

she might call me. phone ringing.....yeah yeah"

He ran into the room. Yeah yeah.. its ringing....

he screamed out... "oh god, am going to love you eternally for thisssssss!!"

and there his lil punk machine read : 11:45 pm snooze snooze snooze...

He just could not resist.

"To hell with me."

He keyed her number. One number after the other sprung out at the tip of his thumb.


tring ..tring..tring..tring.................. it goes on......

To be not answered.............................

He thought to himself.

Don't trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesn't die. It intends to live forever.

even my HEART!

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deepak said...

awsome.........but alll these stuffs are out of focus of my head...its like over head transmission for me....but one thing....its touching....