Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today my soul dies!

One hit and a part of my soul dies,
today, is the day of my funeral.
Yesterday he killed me,
as i got in the way of the bullets intended at my heart!
It poked me..
straight into my womb..
i stare at my womb.
the bullet pokes in further...
But blood gushes out from my silk covered chest,
tomorrows dreams gush out in a fury as red shredded flesh.
Now i can hear his fading screams and hollow cries..
more and more of them..
triangular shaped metal screw drivers that melt into the heart..
and one word syncs and the other is feeble..
my untouched mind gallops to wavering thoughts!


Tinker Belle said...

ah! welcome back to blogspot!! :) :)

work_of_fiction? said...

There is this too much of sadness. Not sure why. I think, the poetry s where your take on a particular color of life, not a lived_it_through stuff. Not sure whether I miss-read the script.