Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Far to hide!


Muscle fatigue.

sun and wind cooked skin burning,

a deepening of weird eye circle lines..

i slow down..

and everything circles my soul.

Wish i could reset my bones and blood remininiscent veins.

The knowledge that i have not pushed my mind toward its limit,

that i controlled its pain!

it kills.

i have not lived far..

there is more to go..

more to see..

but still i hesitate,

cause what i have missed,

withers my joy,

it traps me in an enactment to dream less.

i slow down..

and everything circles my soul.

Should i hide, run or turn around and stare at my shadow,

a meaningless question haunts me!

but then i decide somewhere in between..

i scream at myself!

..Run.Run.. to never stop...

i do that..

my nerves enthralled by my sudden adrenaline rush..

forget to give in..

but the mind stops.

and i slow down

..and everything circles my soul.


Sij said...

Everything circles your soul..it must be awfully tiresome to have the universe revolve around your fuming head :)

What am i? said...

you bet..!