Sunday, September 14, 2008

Time shuts, wraps, and straps.

Tricked the clock,

And have trapped this second for you.

I look around.

But then I find my eyes stop on the dull LG PC.

It is not easy,to kill time.
But then is it right, to do that to write?

Make time, right time, give time,

Time to see around, time to grow up,

But then tell me how you would feel trapped in it?

A baby born even in the treacherous of wombs,

Would not expect to be born as a bird or a dog,

Neither does it know about life nor god,

Its not bothered about other DNA crossed personalities,

Nor life’s complexities,

It would breathe and then cry.

Feel the warmth and then drink the nectar to invest in life’s saving account.

Time is just a ‘nomad’s lost treasure box’ to it.

To search for when he grows up.

And then his realisation glows deeper.

Such is a creative mind,

It seeks no boundaries.

Time shuts, wraps, and straps


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