Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mount of faith!

I feel so infected.
A prism of dark and white,
I revive all my thoughts inside it,
So that the reflection on the white,
would seem black,
And the reflection of the black,
would seem all so white!

I peeped out through the corner of my door,
At ugly breaks of every ten seconds,
But the light reminds me of the burns,
I stare at my hand,
I try to imagine the patch to be dainty.
Nevertheless I rejoice in my skill of seeing the unknown!
i slam the door behind me..
i stay inside,
staring at the checkered roof
i realise that am jailed from all corners!
Black and white checkers on the wall...!

The acquainted alphabets of the yesterdays,
Belong to the tomorrows,
I feel dumb,
Without being deaf.
I can hear,
But I don’t speak anymore.

I shut my eyes,
And then I feel life hitting on my skull with an iron hammer,
I couch myself inside a blanket,
To never come out!
I rot there.

Give me a chance to climb the mount of faith,
Once again!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i really don't know to appreciate no good in tht :D

but i must say, yur images selection is brilliant! they all have a character in themselves. Kudos!