Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Black Nailpolish

We’re stained!

Black nail polish,
Soft and cold.
Sloshed and dried!

Smooth polish running down my face,
Forceful closure of the eyes,
But I could feel its dark,
I cannot see you!

Having paid a quarter for a box of razors,
Far-ahead, sick of the mind’s numb rash,
Too sick of falling.

I hold it close to the mind’s untraceable vein,
Are you doing that too?
I could visualize your double-edged charm.
Silence cripples!
But I know you are there!

Wasting the box,
Washing away without a single sweat drop!

And seraphs fall asleep!

Can you?

Feel our hate, feel the pain,
It is pouring like black rain,
Smell of dirty black mud,
In a passion so dark and true,

Then you will slowly walk away,
To leave behind the memory of the black nail polish!

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