Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beginner’s Pride

1...2….3….4….5…..6….7……..Sequences. We are obsessed with it. When there is 1…2…and 3…….we conclude that the rest is an ‘obvious 4 …5….6 and 7’… For A….B…C…and D there is always an inevitable E, F and G. We coherently trace this likely bit of our brains happening into concluding how things in life happen too, at times. We don’t try to imagine the ‘unasked comings and goings in life’.

‘Tsk...Tsk… How could you? How did that happen? How did you know?’ Nilo had a faithful combo of the dumb, confused and alarmed look on his face.

‘How do you do this? Not again! Hey u creeps! How! How? Howw!!

Nilo asked again as though he was desperately forced to dump the whooping round of ‘when’s’ and ‘whys’ in his booty. He tousled his already messy honeycomb resembling black wooly dough on his head.

She stared at him saying nothing. It amuses her. The almost ‘you are too smart to handle’ look on Nilo’s face. She smiled entertainingly. It was not a smile. It was the typical laugh that she manages to expose whenever she forces herself to pose for a picture. She liked it whenever Nilo acknowledges her uprightly sarcastic jokes and devotedly intelligent conversations. Which more than a few of her friends treacherously concluded as half- cooked philosophy?
Because Nilo is different from the other ‘Necks’ she claims.

WWWWWhat is a neck? Oh come on, not again! Shadow! Please don’t grab such pesky meaningless names for people. Her mom has always tried forcing this philosophy into her mind. But our beautifully intelligent and freakingly creative girl finds an extra way out to come up with exceptional names for people.

As in ‘necks’ are people who don’t have a head on their shoulder. And the head’s are the exceptionally smart.
Pssstt….exceptionally smart could also mean acknowledging others smartness in Shadow’s dictionary. She proudly claims to be a lexicographer on her own rights. She smiles to herself.
And then puts her hand around Nilo’s shoulder.

Shadow: Well it’s easy to predict! I have seen a lot like them.
Nilo: Seeing does not mean. That they are all the same!
Shadow: Oh..they are all the same.
Nilo: But I still wonder how? Your predictions are so correct. It’s like you already know the taste of the coffee which is brewing by its smell. It’s amazing. How your intuition works?
Shadow: its not intuition. Its observation. You observe things that are happening around you. People of flesh and life. You would know too.
Nilo: Brilliant!
Nilo: I never thought that Saaj and Megha would break up!
Shadow: see! I have seen hundreds of Saajs and Meghas. They romanticize like they are so dipped in love. And by the end of the day. The story is all the same.
Nilo: but then this aint the right way to look at things. You just tame it the way counting the way how things work. It might not be correct always.
Shadow: but, it was till date!
Nilo: Hmmm……!! Hey and so mamma was ask me about “us” today! When are we going to take the first step towards exploring the terrible opportunities that await us after we are together.
Shadow: In the first place, why should we explore it? We have been together through these six long years as friends and so we would be together like we were before.
Nilo: Was that a part of your series of ‘intuition happenings jokes’?

Shadow stared at him. She was all red. Partly because of his outraging comment and partly because Nilo was the only guy who made her feel so. He was everything she wanted him to be. A good listener. Caring and encouraging. Exciting and subtle at times. And her parents loved him. But then where is he going to go. So she always kept the love statement postponed for the next to every previous day. He is the happy –go-lucky man who has always been with her. And he aint rottenly the flirty type to go behind any other girl.

Nilo: am leaving! Ciao tomorrow
Shadow: oh oh! Again there you go!
Nilo: Smartness is fun. Over smartness is mind blazingly irritating!
Shadow: bye
Nilo: why the hell!!! K…. not anymore!! Bye

Nilo rushes out in an ugly pace of anger. Shadow playfully stared at the foam crowned mug of coffee. She tried to wonder what this would be called if Nilo was the coffee mug? It would be a fatso who is sweating with an umbrella with only the bended hold not the cover..! Disgusting…She thought to herself.

Sccccccccrrrrrrrrreeccccchhhhhhhh………………. She heard a loud screech of the car tyre. Followed by a loud bang and the murmur of the crowd. She dashed out to see a big crowd gathered outside the coffee shop. Looked like an accident. She saw a part of the white whale’s tail like appearance of the cars back. Suddenly it struck that it was Nilo’s car. She whispered. It can’t be. It can’t be. The car looked like it was parked under the truck. Nilo was nowhere to be seen. One closer look. She turned and started walking like there was no end. Thousands of moments sparkled in the front of her eyes. She knew that the series had ended. There was no sequence. The unknown has taken it all away.

The beginners pride on learning to intuit the happenings in our life. We are beginners who learn something new in every point of life. We forget to have the deeper realization of every moment being new and different in its own liking. There we take life for granted. There fear crops up. There we forget to live. Dousing the past to live in the present is learning, but expect not the present to be the voice of the past. Live like there is no past and no present. Live like there is just a second of this moment. For you to laugh, to smile and to be happy. The sequence can only be decided by the unknown.


Thaddeus Gunn said...

Hiya. I'm wandering around checking out the blogs of other other copywriters like myself. I wanted to find out what copywriters write when they're not writing copy.

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well Well Well, i had to switch PC`s before i could write something in here..... reason, whenever i open the page from a normal pc it starts fuming....... right now this one, the monitor is inside the fridge, the door is opened and m writting..... what a no sense kinda stuff..... ;-)

Mam, in the end she should have turned around while running away as, as per our hindi movies the car was juss taken away by Nilo`s friend as he was suppose to go on a date...... and so Nilo was alive and ready to sprint after her gurl only to realize that she was some kinda PT Usha and is not stopping at all...... ;-)

But nicely written, aah that punch, where the car gets banged was so awesome it sure made me remember my Peek a Boo with destiny !

The icecake fumes! said...

Well in the next post i might surely, have a lion running after the lioness..for ur reading bliss..!! he he.......