Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Parting. Partying. Parting.

The lights shone again. Desperately revealing the beauty of her eyes. He stared once again. The lounge seemed more lively than usual. Seemed more like he was clicking a shot covered by the veil of the unknown. Cause he dint know why he looked again. His imported watch cuckooed in a tone which made him feel stupid for the moment. His daydreams had given immense confidence that the first meeting would be the best. But then a spark of stupidity. The tone sounded more like how his CPU shrieked when he dragged to move it to the other corner of the bed. The half-bend headphone at home has always been keen on picking a romantic tune from some Bollywooshily movie to match his hearts desperate pump. But then this sounded worse. Even with the loud music blaring.
He wished that time could wait. Felt that it was just 75 minutes of nothing, 75 minutes of unfinished nothing. Wanted more time so that he would not have to go home and think that it was 75 minutes of everything. But time does not repeat itself. And so do moments. The immature self in his wished for more. They sat close to each other when more people squeesed them with a selfish motto to create more space on the sofa.
Well after all, how could he complaint. He paid for it. The space. But he dint pay for this. The happiness on being close. 'Ahem! After all this unpaid everything is better than the paid nothing'. The last line was out of his mouth zipped by the mug by then. She asked what. He looked at her like he was caught in the middle of his love-play with her neighbour. How stupid can things get.
But then she held out her hand. And touched his finger.
The well-read nerd in him re-kicked his thoughts wondering whether he read it wrong that the goose pimples crawled to appear on the skin or deep within the heart. He grabbed the mug by its handle and gulped down the beer in a go. She was talking in Mailese, trailese, falseese... Well he wondered what was she talking about. He blinked. Blinked again. He heard this right “ if I seem to give a damn, please tell me. I would hate to be giving the wrong impression to him. I so hate him”.
'Well cribbing beauty, why not we talk about us? I love you!'
She was staring at him. She asked ' you want to tell me something'!
He wished he could walk out of the lounge. Pay the bouncer and get him to kick where it hurts the most. Why is it that what is to come out is stuck inside the mouth like the sick mans soup and what is to come out stuck somewhere in between the heart and where the vocal chord starts. He thought to himself. High time I give up my search for reality and look for good fantasy. Well after all, have done that over years.
He recuperated his thoughts and stared like a love-sick pup then. She was smiling then. But then it was not at him. She got up. A guy walked in. She said, Hey this is my friend? He kissed her and asked her to dance. She asked “Would you mind?” He nodded his head! She walked to be infected by the strange prick of the neon lights!
He felt alone all of a sudden. He got up from where he was sitting and walked towards the Bartenders tomb. After all thats where it all started. The quicky conversation. The 2 shot tequila. And the heart beat. And there she was with him. He turned once again to see her dance with the so-called acquainted moron. He confirmed this guy aint good as he looks. He sat on the big tall skeletal chair which reminded him of his boss's lady love. He flipped a coin. He said. One white and Mackey. Large! The neon lights loomed to his corner. And there 'ANOTHER SHE' smiled. He wondered. Oh love aint any race.. to come first or last. Maybe she is the one..! And he smiled too.

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