Monday, July 21, 2008

A mellow dream

It appeared. Reappeared. Senses recuperated. Illogical vision. Inner minds language in strokes of red, green, blue and pale yellow. Faded memories cook up to be a haunting wail. The ones which perform an unknown dance all night and vend your minds peace in a terrible sweat war. Tolling over the past in a worthy try to build an optimistic present. Eyes open in the vague thought of a better day. Vanished when the sun woke up. Its no more there. You try to cream it back from your systems memory pad. Its lost. Nostalgia, was that nostalgia you wonder! If then would revenge also be a form of nostalgia. You stay confused. And it stays within you to come back again. Taunting you. Slashing blood on your dark senses. A mellow dream. Which is just life's melodrama revealed again by the inner mind.

1 comment:

dinkan said...

hmm thats intersting...maybe that is why we have revenge and sweet revenge :-)