Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Blue Lullaby!

"Planets are like cosmic vaccums. They clear up all the dirt that is in their path. The bright stars of the Milky Way lie in intertwined spiral arms. There two planets come together.

Location: Venus

Tick tock.. Tick tock.. Tick tock… tick tock... Her mind juggled the tick-tock word with a revolting belief that this might be a religious way to flute away time. She flipped the much-loved white top from where it rested on the rein-deer’s horn resembling clothes stand. She wondered whether she should actually wear this again. After all, the much-awaited person has not seen it. Ahem..!! She corrected… it is not the much-awaited person. But then she pulled the flick of hair which fell on her face to touch her chin. Then what could the person be. Now is that important? She thought to herself and then picked her phone. Trailed down to ‘A’ in her contacts list. Well be it male or female, ego is ego! Cause she had already called him twice. Ain’t that corny dude! She mumbled and dumped the phone along with her clothes into the bag. She threw the white top on the bed. Had a quick glance of her on the mirror, snatched the bag and ran out of the room. She reached the stairs and there she stopped. She looked stupid to herself, for a second. Then she thought to herself. Well, now this ain’t new? She rushed back to her room. Grabbed the white top and pushed it into the half-an-inch spared zone of her bag.

Location: Mars

He walked into his office. Waited for a second at every ‘hot chick-centric’ friends cubicle waved a ‘hi’ here and there. And at last when the watch ticked 4, in the evening. A tea-break and back to his throne. Well a phone and a computer to jerk in all the music on earth and a sphere to keep the promise of being any employers pride. His phone rang. The Pantera’s ‘Cowboys from hell’ tone sprung up to mix with the air. But by the time he picked the phone, the call was dead and gone. He flipped out his phone. And stacked a call to his perfectly-blend flirtini!

Call tapped: ID Code No: false 420
The pantera guy: Hello…where u..? U reached Bomblore!
Flirtini: Yes I did bus broke down on the way. So was five hours late! So how are things otherwise? When is your mamma coming home?
The pantera guy: hmmm….she is not here.. So You coming to see me today!
Flirtini (sounds a little confused): well, not sure..! If someone is home shall join you! Not me alone! That would not look and sound right!
The pantera guy: Why? Are you scared? Well do you think I would do anything? Hey come on, you don’t trust me!
Flirtini: It’s not that? Anyways I got to go to the gallery and assign the work to someone! I am not sure! Well if your brother is there shall join you by 7.
The pantera guy: deal! Will be waiting for you. Hmmm.. you know its raining. Romantic huh?
Flirtini: Do you think I should consider bashing you up!
Flirtini: Shall call you before I start. I don’t know the way to your house!
The pantera guy: You call me! And I shall tell you!
Flirtini: Ok! Bye then. Shall call before I start!
The pantera guy: Ok. Take care. Come soon. Am on my way home! So ciao. Muah muah muah.muah. muah.
Flirtini: (giggles) take care. Bye. Ciao.

Location: Venus

Giggle continues. She stares at the phone. Maybe she could have talked for five more minutes. Its fun and nice talking to this guy. Well invariably he sounds very different from all the guys she had known. Oh crap! Now this is a part of any girl’s make-believe kit. To claim that she knows any guy better..! Well she recuperates her mind’s so-claimed comment. And shoots again. Well he sounds very different from all the make-believe guys about whom her friends talk about and the very few ones she knew and speaks to for long long hours. There was a little spice of naughtiness, an added spark of honesty, a tested dose of humour and a purifying bit of care. Oh ain’t this too much to believe. But then this is true she hung the thought deep to herself. But then she knew it. She was confused. Was it love? Was it lust? But goddamn she liked this dude! She dint know what it was. She took bath. Changed her clothes in minutes to proclaim that ‘oh again the goddamn white top!’ But then that made her look good!

All courtesies to Marks and Spenser’s! She thought to herself!

She ran out of her house. Grabbed an auto. All set to meet the oh-so-her adorable-unidentified-not-so-close friend. How many times has she called this friend by this name? She tried counting in the auto. She plugged her earphone connected to her Sony honey phony. She played her favorite song…’ walk away if you want to…its o.k. you need to….. You can never hide… from the shadow… na na…whatever you do… I will be two steps behind you’ She hummed the song. She was conscious of the drop of tear which clang on to her eyelashes like a dewdrop of pain. This song brought in reminiscent of a yesterday. Of a guy who she loved so much. But was never hers to call him her love. She untwined her thoughts. Made a call to her friend.

Call tapped: ID Code No: false 420
The pantera guy: hey where did you reach? I was waiting for you. I slept off! He he..!
Flirtini: I have crossed the flyover. Now how should I come!
The pantera guy: Ask the auto guy whether he knows G—(zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) road!
Flirtini: hey hey I cant hear you.. can you spell it out!
Flirtini: helllllllllllooww! Vocal chord!!
The pantera guy: It’s Gold Mills Road! You get down next to St. Patricks Church! And then I shall come down to the road!
Flirtini: K bye!

Location: the Milky Way

She hops out of the auto. She is nervous. She still wonders whether to or not to! She walks further with a cranky thought of calling back the auto guy. Unaware of why she is still moving. Why she still wanted to meet him at his place! She dials his number on her Sony. And there again. This guy so reminded her of someone else. But then who? If it was her sweetheart once, then well this guy was different in 150 different ways. Sounded a bizarre question to her. Because she was not unearthly sure of who it was.

Call tapped: ID Code No: false 420
The pantera guy: hey where did you reach?
Flirtini: I am here! I got out of the auto.
The pantera guy: ok now! Do u see the church? Which side is the church? Right or left.
Flirtini: Well. It’s opposite to me!
Flirtini: well not sure, whether it’s right or left!
The pantera guy: oh u dumbo! You don’t know which side of the road is right and left! Hey, hey, I saw u. Turn to your right! Can you see me!
Flirtini: yes!

He waves at her. He was wearing something. well! Maybe? she decided to call it ‘Men’s pre-cool t-shirt and heart to heart tong boxers! Well she could not help giggle when she was going up the stairs. They walked into the house. The house looked real cute. Reminded her of a small little house where the ‘wizards stayed in the wynter'! Then she sat on a chair offered to her. Stoned! Wondering why her imaginative self is working horribly today! Well that happens whenever she is nervous. Blame it on her genes.

He introduced her to his brother.

The pantera guy and the flirtini starts talking. They talk of unearthly gibberish which does not make sense to each other. At Mars it all gets heated up. At Venus everything seems confusing even the guy sitting in front of her. His brother waves a bye before he leaves to have food at a nearby restaurant.

Minds untapped …. Code No: Unknown
The pantera guy: Oh well, hmmm maybe how many minutes of talking would it take to get her into the room.
Flirtini: should I or I should not!
The pantera guy: hmmm...I wish there was no power!

The power goes off!

Flirtini: what next!? Oh! I guess am in deep shit. Do I feel like Sybil who left her fifteen split personalities at home? Only one self is with me. Only the confused self!

They were sitting in the bedroom then. He turned around to lie on her lap. She felt doped! She wanted to run out like a raccoon with its tail on fire! He slowly kissed her. And there started the tug of war. What he wrongly assumed to be love scratches was the lovely lady embraced in his hands. Her gesturing approach to escape. Scratch here. Scratch there. Turn around. Flip. Cross. Nothing worked. He would not leave her. Then she turned around. To see his eyes. And there somewhere in the back of her mind she heard “walk away if you want to…its o.k. you need to….. You can never hide… from the shadow… na na…whatever you do… I will be two steps behind you’. She thought of the guy who sang it for her once! And yes then she knew. It was of him that this guy reminded her of. She knew it then that it was neither love nor lust! It was just the white memoirs of a black past! She felt her vision fade. And there she saw him make love to her once again. Her sweetheart of yesterdays! The pantera’s song was her blue lullaby of yesterdays. But then not love~!

There the planets surface to another Unknown way. They split. Cause they repell. They invariably think because the unknown has become known. Freethinking of one moment becomes common sense of the next moment. Because Reality is not probably or likely, because everything happens of a reason. A reason known or unknown for some. And to know deeper later!'


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