Sunday, June 1, 2008

The day after today!

Gimme a tomorrow to borrow,
Just one more day in your little burrow,
It’s all so white,
A dream someone said,
That I lost!
For a beautiful today,
Gimme a tomorrow to borrow.

Now this is so funny,
I say “I love you”
In 500 different notes,
I wonder now!
Which one do you like the best!
Smoke I see in the air,
Or is it just a little wisp of you?
For a beautiful today,
Gimme a tomorrow to borrow.

This little forgetful stupidity,
I guess hard...
its just me or you?
Oh ! I wonder!
I pick an arrow that hit my heart,
N I slid it into my laced memory box.
Before I could spell it right!
For a beautiful today,
Gimme a tomorrow to borrow.


A Liberated Soul said...


dheep said...

what does that mean..!! is it that u liked it and felt fluffy.. and u r smiling ..or u realised that i have lost it@@ he he!!! ;-)

A Liberated Soul said...

To be honest I loved the very first line itself 'Give me a tomorrow to borrow'.

Though I liked the line 'This little forgetful stupidity'
I didn't really understand the next three lines.

And then the smile is for you, especially when you smile this big in that pic. Jus kidding!

A Liberated Soul said...

And yeah I just noticed that you commented on my 'other' blog. I am not into malayalam writing. Those were emails send to me by my husband when we were engaged. I see you write pretty well in malayalam.

dheep said...

Yes well not sure.. about the writing well part.. but i do write.. and i guess ur "not understanding part" of the poem would be cleared now..!! there was a small typing mistake ... ;-) have made the changee!! and hey liberated soul..wats ur name...

A Liberated Soul said...

You are one careless lady I guess! Typos over typos.

I guess this is what u meant:

'This little forgetful stupidity,
I guess hard...
Is it just me or you? (or its just me or you?)
Oh! I wonder!'

And by the way I wonder if you have a keen reader like me. Or rather a mistake-finder (reader).

dheep said...

Well lady...keen reader i am sure.. u r the one ... mistake- finder.. well i never thot u were.. one!! i have seen worse,.. he he!! ahem... Yes...

Its just me or you? I think..wat i shud be doing is.. he he hand over the password..and key and have an offical editor assigned for my blog... when i key in something i just post it there...!!i never give a thot about reading it again until u point out something...!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

"Gimme a tomorrow to borrow..."

You made me weep, lady...

Give me a tomorrow to borrow....

I'd give anything for all the tomorrows I have lost...


death becomes him said...

very nice!

A Liberated Soul said...

Its not only u dear. A lot of bloggers blog for fun. Thats why I never get attracted to blogs where I can read about someone's personal life/their routine/fights with boyfriend/bitching around about colleagues etc etc. There might be ppl who enjoy it but thats not what I like. So I avoid writing too many personal stuff on my blog and prefer reading blogs which follow the same.

dheep said...

i dont blog for fun..but then blogging was never taken seriously too... Moreover if i chose a topic which i wud like to conquer and write on..As in advertising..Am sure i cud never keep track of it. cause am too fickle minded..;-)to vouch on it...
So i key in my poems..cause this is highlighted in my resume...Being a copywriter it adds value..along with my portfolio..

and moreover my blog does not have any personal element about me in it..!! Its all that i have imagined what wud it be like out there...he he!! So i feel good! But there are blogs on peoples personal life that i have found real interesting..Say the way they have phrased it..They take us to another life not to their own life,.,!!