Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Confused while confessing!!


Feelings embed in a world of words to become thoughts sometimes. At least for me. These feelings are about a world around me. These thoughts are the gateways for the world to enter ME. This world interrupts into the space within me through my thoughts. I wonder whether I have an antenna tapping out information as signals through my eardrum, right on an unknown side of my head. I am sitting here comfortably observing my thoughts. What I wish I could cuss on are just memories of my past or desires of my future. Understand this thing. My desire to become rich or attain some goal in future is only a speculation. The future is unseen. It may or may not be like I think. It is my own experience that nature does not repeat itself maybe… By concentrating on my future I might be spending my time on something which might not happen. Neither my past nor my future is alive. The alive entity is ME. I am alive here. But my thoughts are not about here and now. My thoughts do not coincide with my existence. Thoughts are dragging me to think what can happen. I don’t know where I am trapped. Maybe deep inside a body which might or might not cheat me. Maybe with an air bubble surrounding me never letting go where I started everything from. The only alive entity called ME! Jailed within me.


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to be able to think means to be free..so u r not jailed within yourself...:-)