Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We are never alone!

Having heard the nature so selfless.

what we saw never contradicted what we have heard!

With the seemless salt water in the sea,

dissolving to form a crowning cloud,

the sky returns only transparent shower of water drops,

with no salt left in its grace!

The nature always barters the best.

When the earth not so pout with pride,

i have everything abreast when i stride.

oh! we are never alone.


nu-sense said...


i am alone sometimes

and i like it like that

dheep said...

hmmmmmmmmmm...... he he!! me too... but then i wont be really alone then.........So maybe i like to practically be alone.. and have an illusion of not being alone..!! sounds cranky.. but i cant help it ;-)

nu-sense said...

well i'm glad you realize that yourself

i'm not cranky

i'm just weird
and unstable :-)

loreto said...


more like, I am always alone but never lonely!

I like the thought!


dheep said...

Sayanora...... oh !! now thats overboard... i meant Lo...;-) he he....... yes like ur not alone here in office.. i am haunting your cabin all the while...... well.. does that make sense.. ;-0)