Monday, March 17, 2008

A lame Monday

(Don’t have a name in mind ;-) maybe...)

A lame Monday

Unwinding dreams,
Play a trick in all our whims.

I wonder from where?
I spray the little imagination I have,
into the air to form a wave.

I closed my eyes.
Envision for the future,
was the pound of the hoof.
For I fear the world so trapped,
I speed away as a wisp of air so white!


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Anonymous said...

See here or here

Prajeshsen said...

swapnamkal eppozhum
ninachirikkathee varum ormakalil..
kulirinte sparsamayi oru varavu
alppam pedippeduthalum...
okkeyayi kadannupokum...
eee kavitha polee.....

kollaaam nannayirikkunnu....