Thursday, February 28, 2008

If you could colour me in red. Then that’s a unique stint. A dash of the shade. It creates a difference. It blends with all other but can make me rather cranky all the while. Why is that? Colours make a difference or it just this single shade of crimson red. Colours bright, light and white. They speak without a reason. Do they? But this single shade of red. It brings the worst yellowish pale on my skin. Not the crave for blood. Not the fear of death. It’s just the way of my eyes. And this just left me thinking, it’s our senses that are strongest of all we have. The touch and the sight! But the touch stays as an empty thrill and the sight seems so vague. Is it just that I got lost searching for the colour of happiness? Oh being modest, I just realized happiness does not have a colour! ;-)


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