Friday, February 8, 2008

Ego to death!

A lie within myself,
Few where the ones
I let out,
With a tongue
That waggled out of my brain.

In vain,
Then I realize,
I was never wise.

Lie I did,
She never knew it,
Or never tried to!
Maybe cause she never cared,
Or she never loved!

Now the glow on her face,
Reflects as a smile that wrinkles my eyes!
Its not cause I do love more!

Its cause she never knew me!
On a earth filled with a nurtured light,
I still am in the dark!

I despise this wicked ego,
Which I never let go!
But then I am a conqueror,
Cause love a lie,
But me aint!


prajeshsen said...

blog kolllaam
its my blogs see it
abhiprayam ariyikkuka....

i am a journalist

Anonymous said...

I didnt get it this time :(


dheep said...

Dearie...being valentines day... my all-doused-in-love goosepimples did not work fine.. and then had penned it down.. when i saw this quote ..this inspired me!!!

"When my love swears she is made of truth, I do believe her, though I know she lies"

- William Shakespeare

Anonymous said...

Oh k! Thats better!

So wer have you been?

dheep said...

A new place offered me a job, with a pretty large salary hike and I decided to take it.
and was trying hard to figure out wats it that really works with me.. maybe a rather atrocious haircut or a weekend getaway with friends.. or finding a new guy because of peer pressure.. he he....!! was thinking hard and lots of thoughts slipped in and out.. as a wave which forgot to roar... Was pampering myself and wasprutty stuck to my mind map that i dint think of penning it down as a poem or maybe an atrocious thought...
So got bak into the blog business again a week back...

Anonymous said...


I am in the exact same situation this end. Wil be changing soon :)