Monday, December 31, 2007

your eyes saw it wrong!

Don’t stare at me,

I know you are angry,

and the anger had died down,

like a curled frown.

Yesterday we did fight,

but that day has withered away,

like a snowman who melted away

when the winter vanished in wonder.

Don’t have that look in your eyes,

It makes me feel that,

I am wrong,

Though am not!

The innocence rocking in your eyes,

I can see,

It says am no longer wise,

You know it all,

You think, lady!

But the spring was a beauty in your eyes,

and a sore, deep pain in my heart!

We belong to each other; still we are feathers apart,

I can see it your eyes.

I hate this little distance,

It makes me feel I have lost my existence!

Talk to me! Friend,

Not for the yesterdays,

Not for the today’s,

Not for the tomorrows,

Not for what you are,

Not for what I am.

But just cause you are worth my soul.


ALS said...

The start made me (as a reader) nothing in particular. But then there was 'It says am no longer wise' and 'I hate this little distance' which was really good.

dheep said...

Thanku for the gracious comment.