Monday, December 31, 2007

Through a prisoner’s eye…

Bar! It is so dark in here,

The pricking black of a whore’s door,

sucking away the light as a whole.

These fuming rods,

the fumes of the gods,

They say it is for my good.

But I know, never out of this I would.

The hard untended floor,

the stinking puke-bearing food,

has never left me aloof!

The inner light pokes like a blood sucking knife!

Hate the life of this world that I wish I was never heard!

I lean on to the wall wondering whether I should leave or stay,

then I clang on to the window grill to light my life in every single frill!

I peeped,

there were men dressed in green and black.

Held to the bars,

tried pushing them away,

Then I heard a creaking sound,

my door to escape said my mind.

Two bars moved,

and I knew I could jump out to be there in the world to a live a life so white.

I could escape!

Am safe!

A tear gleamed in my eye,

it rolled out,

Was instantly happy!

I could see Dian and our little son.

I was pushed out of the cell through the small window in the punishing space.

Maybe it was my urging mind that doused me out!

The next minute!

I felt a pain,

then numb!

I wondered how!

I was able to feel a warm watery tickle on my tummy,

I touched there,


there was an iron rod which just started from the muddy ground,

rotting with a hidden pride,

peeping out from where my spine binds,

It hurt!

But I knew then I was dying!

The world has decided,

the earth had decided,

my dreams had died.

I could never escape,

I could never leave or stay.


ALS said...

Are you waiting?

Waiting to escape?

If it is from life then you know you can never leave or stay.

dheep said...

hmmm....... well am i? waiting to escape... but one does not know... the mind sometimes urges to fly and hide...and in another moment i would be kissing the air breathing in oodles of happiness and praising life with a smile. Which is true. which is false? i never tried to know.. neither did i hold it close to my heart..