Monday, December 31, 2007

Story of a Mistletoe

A plant so green.

Did you know the mystical power of mistletoe?

It breathes within itself a curse,

to make someone's life never worse.

You would sing alongwith me.

If you know?

The myth of Goddess Frigga and her son Balder.

Frigga, the Goddess of Love and her son,
Balder, the God of the Summer Sun.

Once, Balder dreamt of his death.

He told his mother about the strange dream.

His mother lost herself to a worry,

worry for his life,

and for the life of earth.

She knew all life on Earth would come to an end.

she did her utmost to avoid,

went everywhere in air, water, fire and earth.

Extract a promise, she did!

They would never harm her son in any cruel bid.

She was promised safety of her son,

under and above the Earth.

Loki, the God of Evil,

with evil devised in his mind,

Connived he did, Loki!

Wooed the blind brother of BalderHoder, the God of Winter,

Balder was poisoned and dead.

Earth turned cold.

Every creature tried to bring Balder back to life

But it was the mistletoe which had the trick.

Frigga did this with her wit.

Her tears became lustrous white berries

She blessed the plant

anyone who stands under the plant

would be entitled to a kiss.

So plant a wish,

It's a mistletoe,

shares your love and my love.

Plant a kiss,

with the purest smile in your heart,

to never leave your dear ones hurt.

For its Christmas, lets all have merry,

For its Christmas, let's spread love in every dash.

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