Friday, December 21, 2007

A reply:

Is it?Does it matterWith whom we dance,Or just thatWe danced at all?Is it the loveWe care about,Or is it thePerson we care about?Is is it the tasteOr is it the food?Is it the expressionOr is it the mood?Do we lie to saveOr do we live toSustain our cravesThat will not follow usTo our graves?--B. Lucas

If your heart never lies then…

When two hearts dance together,
the tap does not matter,
the tune does not matter,
neither may be the stamping feet sessions,
which could make it a nasty mission?

The only thing that matters,
would be a heart that melts,
your eyes that meet,
and her eyes that water.

There, your hearts dance together,
and you would become lighter than feather!

When two hearts are in love,
it is not love that matters.
it is not me or you,
or he or she,
that matters.
It is the happy numb in your heart!
It is that you kept her happy
or that she kept you happy that matters!

Food and the taste,
are the noses wonder?
Never did you eat a food,
which smells murk?

Your mood speaks within your mind,
and those we call expressions.
Maybe your face just forgot to let it wind!

Save and crave,
seeks a different meaning-grave!
Cause if its happiness that you craved,
to save,
it would follow to your grave!
If it materialistic the way your mind waved,
it saves,
but you would be empty without your soul,
deep in your grave!

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