Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My crimson wire to peace!

Do you hear that?

A baby crying

somewhere in the west!

People don’t care

or is it only me who hears.

Its loud and clear,

the heartbeat follows

with no rules.

I can hear it.

Oh! My ears are battered.

I wish I could run and escape,

to some other secure space.

I started to run,

then I knew this was not fun!

Cause it followed my fast pace.

I stopped with a little trace of acceptance.

I wondered?

Is that me?

My body that bloomed

that cries.

My mind so immature

that cries.

No, I was sure it was a baby.

I looked at the sky,

the sun blinded my eyes with a bright why.

I closed my eyes,

"Saw a lady wearing a robe,

lying on the floor

so dirty.

It was a market place,

there, it stinks.

There was quick rush out of her swollen womb,

I saw there a baby,

so white,

covered with blood,

or red veins that trace to everywhere,

like it was god’s test of will.

She lies there,

for a second,

then she whimpered,

then broke into a heartbreaking cry.

There, she had realized the light of the world!

The lady she held her so close,

close to her,

so close to her bosom.

There, her daughter felt the warmth.

There, she felt life in every step of growth.”

I opened my eyes.

I knew it then.

I knew it.

It was me.

Born on earth,In a messy mirth!

My mother she is gone!

Gone to where I came from!

Without her I miss the warmth.

I forget my life’s grace.

My mind that cries,

It has cried from the day of birth,

from when I realized the light,

from when I had learned my steps,

Birth or life,I cry.

Life or death,I cry.

Then what is the bloody difference?

In the dark and the light!

So let me look down.

There, they are the messengers of the dark,

Birds so dark,

They are together always,

Let me cling on to their hard fletching feather,

not fearing any rancorous weather.

And then there I would be with my mother,

close to her heart,

close to her soul,

feeling the warmth.

I leapt.

Ah! I am on my way to meet her!

Ah! I am on my way to the light in the dark!

Ah! I am on my way to embrace my mother!

The feather of the dark lords,

that was my crimson wire to peace!

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