Friday, December 14, 2007

Might be a hope..!

Might be just a hope!

But why do I?

I feel

Seems like things are out of my wind.
I don’t feel anything!
Nor love, nor emotions!

But I miss him still.

Am convincing my heart,
that never leans to listen!

But still I yearn why?

I believe the world would be greener,
One day!
I would whine away the dark clouds,
I would fume away the evil in a fury.
But still I become weak,

I hear why?

The whispers on all gloomy nights.

“Yes dheep”

I did ask then,
“You mean what you say”.

You whimpered in silence,
withering my happiness.

But still I forgave you,
Cause you taught me to love,
You are love, and you will be.

I can hear another voice,
covered with the thorns of darkness.
It said,

"Will he leave me in the dark and go?
or has he already left?"

I can feel,
the world is spitting on me,
my baby is shouting at me:

“You whore, you killed me”

Shall I tell her today, when she comes:

“Mama truly loved you.

Please don’t haunt me dear!
I denied the light to you,
I wanted to be with you!

Blood is spurting out of my wrist,
but still God won’t show you to me!

I stay,

But I promise!
I would come to see you,

One day!

Will you sit on my lap then?
I would play with you then!

Baby, your father would have another family tomorrow!

We would be forgotten!

I do care,
and I know you do too!

It’s only me that you hate!

But I know I am not worth,
to drop those words on earth!"

No, she would shout at me.

Of all the things on earth,
what I miss the most!
is the little light in mind!

But might be a hope!
Just a hope,
Will I have you both?

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