Friday, December 7, 2007

The legend of the dark.

The legend of the darkly knights and the dainty queen,
Not heard even in the quaint town,
Deep under the earths golden glow,
there lies a world which you may call traced with an evil flaw.

The Mighty Johnson was the king of the dark,
and the lady love, a shade of vain pride on earth!
When the dark night with a grey moon,
hung on his shoulders like a royal robe,
He drowned the pride of the Magestic Mountains,
the many on earth!
The courtesans,
they would say bitter, wrathful words of spite and envy!
Sons of evil are the grains of this empire,
more cursed than a painful tear.
Creatures of the dark, they are
So bloody and white,
with cuspicate horns,
which glaze in the dark!
There is a bloody river in this no man’s land.
She so shameless,
she lurks down the valley in earth,
she tweaks every kids naughty cheek,
like a innocent crazy witch.
She drains the blood, she a spy on earth,
she conspires staying by King Johnson’s side,
Creatures of the dark, they are
lewd in mind.
They would be thirsty,
in the land where the sun feels ashamed,
He hides, never did he show his face,
Creatures of the dark, they drink
the innocent drop of blood,
from many a lot!

Earth lost its light,
the red orb is hiding,
Cries, worse than a battle field,
It was dark!
Cries, the wail of the mothers,
They lost their kids!

Nudged him.
Who is he?
The Saint of the west,
He, who loves the earth,
He, judges the worth of the beautiful earth!
His soul peaceful than the serene bliss of heaven.
Still he proclaimed,
Let the war begin!
Let the creatures of the dark die!
Let my daughters not lose their blood and flesh!

Vain were their spirits,
They craved to shade the dusk in black,
Connived to the land of the darkly knights,
they wanted to trap the sun in the dark,
The red orb hides behind the unearthly rocks,
The earth and the dark, the sun did not rise.

Mighty Johnson the king of the dark,
the dark death had let him know!
The Saint of the west has come for him!
cause a star shone in the east, behind the bloody river of the dark,
the creatures of the dark, hungry!
The river not anymore red,
they were thirsty without the blood.
They scratched and killed the other,
to drink the blood of his brother,
They digged out the evil to eat it,
But lost their power,
cause evil can never be crushed by the evil!
Mighty Johnson the king of the dark,
He sets out to the west,
To kill the Saint of the west!
He not a king, who forget his sons,
Believed in power, did he?
Which he might lose!
He wants the sun trapped in the dark,
He sets out to the west!

The dainty queen of the dark,
looks more than an angel which shines in the dark,
Dark was never her mind,
But born in the dark,
She never wanted to trace into the dark, but she never knew anything beyond the dark,
she knew that the ring on her hand, was a thousand lot of lies,
which she had sworn to her heart,
cause love, she did! Her King Mighty!
Had set to the west.
She sat wearing the crown,
And the pretty gown,
the gown weaved out of termite buttons,
A gift from her king mighty,
She dressed to be pretty,
to welcome her Lord.
To melt away in a hundred happy sighs,
to welcome her Lord.
She sat there,
the skeletal courtesans, the evil of the dark,
they all consoled her.
But she didn’t need it.
Cause she knew her Lord would be back,
But then the star shone brightly behind the river,
and she knew her king had lost!
Her king had lost!
A tear drop rocked in her eyes,
like a cradle of pain,
which no one ever would know!
She rose from her thrown,
closed her eyes,
She shoved out her soul.
To join her Lord,
Her King Mighty Johnson,
But by then,
the creatures of dark, they are
White and bloody,
They pounced to feast in the dark,
Be it your lord or the soul,
Hunger not keeping them away,
The creatures of the dark, they are!

There lies a world which you may call, traced with an evil flaw,
But there a soul died to join the other in love.

There lies a world which you may call, traced with an evil flaw.
There the sun came out not blinding the earth.

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