Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hell praised and the seven heavens cried!

It was raining in hell,
as usual,
sparks of fire-gold blew from the cauldron,
there they cooked flesh.
The pavements to the red devil’s palace,
was burning red hot!
The cursed lucky worms of hell wondered why?
Why? Why? Who beats the hell!
Who has come for our Lord!
Who has done the good?
To make the world so light!
There were dull rumours,
about the mighty rulers.
Who conspired? Heaven or the dark evils
who were here in the yesterdays!
They wondered.
They perceived.
They worried.

Then one lucky worm cried:
Oh! My ear tells me! It’s from earth!
Someone is coming for our Lord.
They quickly dragged out the old man’s crystal maze,
this had the ancestors shining daze.
The devils’ ministry all of them stare,
and the cursed lucky worm peeps with a dare.
And there they saw,

A sunny bright afternoon!
Could be a wonderful tomorrow,
a passionate today,
or an all blue Monday.

A street so bright,
it could take off the world’s light,
Maybe a sunset dream,
or an all set joy scream!

And there towards the corner,
A young woman walked in or maybe wandered.
She had a smile so lively,
hair so breezy and dark,
eyes so shiny and black,
She was wearing a pretty cherry red frock,
and looked like a rich image on a beautiful clock.

A lucky worm screamed:
Oh! She is so pretty!The ministry stared at it,
and there it suppressed its lust for a little.

A sudden buzz they heard,
Oh! It was rain on earth!
They saw there:

She stayed alarmed for a dizzy second,
and then she just took a heavy breath!
It showed she loved the smell of her land.
She raised her hand,
to hug the rain.
It showed her heart not at all vain.
But then she stared at the sky,
the dark black pupil in her eye,
had a startling why?
there a little tear flowed out,
That showed she was in pain.
Then again she wiped her cheek,
and there she was sweet with that smile!
That showed she loved to smile,
But then she missed that the most!

Another little worm cried:
Oomph! I would like to marry that woman so gentle.
A minister thumped his feet,
the little worm,
blamed, oh my cursed wit!
A breeze swept in from nowhere,
They wondered how?
They peeped in,
that was a strangled fight to see what next.

She started with a quick pace,
holding her frocks beautiful lace,
The next lane,
there was her house.
She walked in.
It was evening already,
she yawned and she knew she was tired.
Too ready for bed!
She changed into a white dreamy gown.
and there she laid to sleep,
to weave another dream so green.

All the ministers said at a go,
“She is a princess,
any prince’s, dreams come true,
A happy go lucky charm,
this can make the world gleam,
Oh! Little girl, we would even love the heaven,
Cause there is the one who created you with his entire gene.
You a lucky charm on earth.
The heaven rose and bowed,
the land of the devil,
There they praise our Lord, Mighty God,

There, Hell praised and the seven heavens cried!

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