Saturday, December 22, 2007

Earth, my soul!

When the wind blows,
the earth rests.
Have you not heard?
I have!
But with no scientific cue,
It’s a heart felt clue.

When the wind blows,
my mind rests.
Do you want to see?
You can’t!
Cause with no scientific cue,
It’s a heart welding feel.

Cause the earth is my soul,
and the wind your words.


ALS said...

For only lonely hearts can see;
Can feel;
And who even wants a scientific cue?
Do you want to know?


dheep said...

lonely hearts could feel and see,
People on earth,
red, purple, brown or an earthly white,
or maybe out of sight,
May seek a scientific cue!
You might not have had a clue!

als said...

'People on earth, red, purple, brown or an earthly white.'

Purple I get! Brown I get! Earthly white I almost got!

But red?

And afterall its a heart welding feel that none could see when the wind blows and your mind rests. Cause you say it is not possible without a scientific cue.

I say lonely hearts who felt all the welds before neither needs scientific cues nor needs any other clues!


You write good! Any post in making?

dheep said...

Yes there is.. and red could be the colour of a wily man's blood.. or it could be ur eye that cried out and the pain has spread out to make you drained out of blood. But still u so red... the red of pain...

Hmmm.. thanku for the gracious comment and yes there is a posting which was in the making and is already made.. done and rolled now!

dheep said...

Please do have a look and i expect your comments. I surely do!