Monday, December 31, 2007

Come along. Be my friend.







Then it all ended.


Would you like to hear?

It isn’t ordinary dear!

Can you walk with me?

I would like to hold your hand

to tell you a story.

Can you hear the thump?

It’s my heart that teased

when I found this friend.

Can you feel the tickle?

Lean on to me,

feel the beat of my heart,

which kissed away all the dirt?

Can you sense the spell?

Not when I learnt love,

But then,

when I learnt

more meaning to friendship.

Then I was spellbound.

Can you drench inside my mind?

then you would realise I was dumb.

I lost.

feel the smell, the burn of death?

That’s me!

Love was heaven,

but it could be hell too.

You see, it has already become.

Can you soothe my anger?

No, you cannot.

Cause I found myself to the ugly little fume,

this dances in my mind,

like a funny tune.

Now it has all ended.

You came along with me gal or guy,

I showed you,

how I felt!

Can we trace back?

Just to write it your way.

Can you be my friend?

Then it would all start.






And happiness forever!


ALS said...

Frankly, there are some mistakes. I am no perfect. But I hope u wont take it negatively.

'It’s my heart which teased,when I found this friend'

Then...'Can you smell the burn of death?'

Then...'Can you soothe my anger? No, you could not'

These are grammatical. Sometimes feelings are above language. And so poems are! I am just reader. Just a stranger!


dheep said...

hmmm.. well nope i dint take it in a negative note... These were elements which i never took seriously when it comes to posting an entry in my blog. Even that needs to be proofread before i post i guess.. And hmmm.. so stranger..!! would u mind if i call u a friend.?

ALS said...

'All strangers are not friends' is what my Mom told me.

In all sense you are a stranger to me ;)

dheep said...

Oh! Maybe ur mom saw it right..All strangers are not friends.. but u sound flabbergastingly diplomatic in one sense.. does that mean am a stranger or a friend.. maybe all strangers are not really friends so am not a friend.!! he he anyways Mr. stranger.. thanks for the gracious comments.

ALS said...

And for all your lovely words you may please call me Ms. Stranger!

Does that make you feel comfortable? Well it does to me in all sense ;)

dheep said...

hmmm....... not just comfortable.. that s just wonderful... stranger lady.... Happy new year... now off all the things on this earth what i missed saying today was that...

Happy New Year

ALS said...

Well, I thought New year happens every year. Whats new?

dheep said...

New is that the sun made love to the stars and a lil angel was born. In mind i can see they are waving at u and they say........"hellow happy new year lady" this does not happen every year to everyone right...

He he.. if it does.. well u cud still try saying .. yes it does not.. Please he he... could bring a smile on my face..or i shalll give u my hello kitty bag which i treasure.. how about a trade!!?