Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cause Papa would be alone!!

Were you scared ever?

My eyes are red,

I cried a lot yesterday.

Sometimes I feel alone in this world.

Then all my joys wither away,

I perceive.

My garage seems like,

where I sit in the car to inhale a tortured bit of carbon monoxide.

The rafters in the attic seem like,

where I could hang myself.

Razor-sharp bits and pieces seem,

implements for my wrist.

Am I lost?

Am I Scared?

Trust me there is someone hiding in dark.

I feel so cold here.

You know, the death cold nights,

and the days seem numb,

she follows me everywhere.

Don’t know why,

but know I would have to leave, she is here to take me away,

and then Papa would be left alone!

When I was hiding under the bed,

Papa asked “what happened”.

Didn’t have an answer.

I am wondering, when the breeze hit my eyes.

Then a little drop of tear fell down.

Am I sad?

Staring at that pool makes me sad.

That was where she was lying, drenched in blood.

They are forcing me to speak out.

But if I do she would come and take me away.

I would not say.

But I remember I had seen it all.

I hate this illustration of her on the floor.

I wish the sun would melt away,

and take her far away from me,

but then still she could trace back to the den.

Oh am I scared,

Yes, but still I don’t want to be lost!

Cause Papa would be alone!

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