Monday, December 17, 2007

Beautiful words!

Beautiful! Honey, you are beautiful!
Wonder words they are,
we believe!

I love you, beautiful!
Tender words they are,
Did it not make your heart melt?
Did it not make my heart melt!

You are the one! Pretty!
Marvel these words are.
Did it make you hug him?
Wooing you like the best hum!

Wonder words of true marvel,
Everyone loves you,
no better to do than to embrace you!

But I know you aren’t true?
Not even worth to woo!

Wonder words of true marvel,
you not from the soul,
It’s just from any mouth so foul!

A true word does not do wonders,
But it stays till where your heart wanders.

A true word I learned from life,
May sound unromantic like an ice knife!

It’s the one which has never been said,
but just felt with the heart!

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