Monday, January 15, 2007

path to god!!

we have always heard this embelled,to our prayers or to whatever we say "god almighty help us".but we still still have this question in our mind whether this supreme power exists! does it? we really dont know right .well then arises a question why do we pray it because prayers are the bridge between u and it because god has a court open there in hsi abode to hear ur pleas.people claim though they cant communicate with god,the religious saints could pass on their wishes to god.people donate money to temple .are people bribing god to hear their worries.otherwise why should there be collection of money in the name of god.where does this question lead to ," whether god exists or not!

i do believe that god existsv,he exists in our mind engraved in a temple thats our body.he dwells in everyones body. so i believe our prayer should be the good deeds and good words we use to rejenuvate our spirits and a mind to help our fellow human beings..thats prayer to me..!! dont u feel this is prayer..then jus turn around there might be a hungry child who is starving for food,there is a yearning mother to listen to her worries and a hell lot of people around u who needs you more than you need urself..

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