Tuesday, January 9, 2007

all the glitters are not gold

this i want to say aloud to all in this world "all the glitters are not gold"or should i scream to catch ur attention first!!!but would it fall on deaf ears cause usually people prefer to be listened to,people have got a general understandingfor each otherthat they have cut shortthe questions and statements which does not please others!! weird world right?
well then my say wud be only machines could be standardised not man..but will people join to sing this riddle with me.to unwind the hypocrist within them.never but if george bush does suryanamaskar maybe people would say that this art born in our country is frenzy.
why is that people have changed to behave like glaucoma patients. is it a shame to us or our creator.then i would say for both because if we take from the society point of view,if a son gets low marks in exams its a shame for his parents,then y not this rule applicable to god.
god made a mistake,he corrected his mistake by not creating anything similar to human beings.but what do we do,but we still fail to recognise that even the charcoal glows only after put in fire

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